Built-in door DCL

Built-in door DCL

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Built-in door DCL digital lock

Thanks to the digital combination lock on the built-in door, you can receive multiple parcels as well as have all kinds of things picked up. For example, you can use it for online purchases you’re not satisfied with or for an exchange of keys with the cleaning staff, plumber, etc. It’s also useful for traders who want to exchange things after opening hours.

The combination lock is battery operated. A key is supplied as standard so that you can open the lock at any time (if batteries are dead, code forgotten, ...).

For an online purchase, enter the code when filling in your address. For example, refer to your eSafe in the entry field for your name as follows: “In eSafe PARCEL BOX CODE 2244 Gert Janssens.

For extra certainty, you can indicate your preferred delivery location as ‘eSafe parcel mailbox’ to the courier service. The courier will be notified as soon as you complete the form on the website of the courier service.

  • Wall mounting dimension: 396 x 306 mm
  • Inner door dimension: 392 x 302 mm
Receiving and collecting parcels
Made from stainless aluminum
High-quality, rust-free textured coating
Digital combination lock


  • Width
    302 mm
  • Height
    392 mm

Technical info