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Parcelbox M

The parcel box M is the budget-friendly solution for online shoppers who already have a letterbox but also want to receive packages.

The parcel box is equipped with a push button. The courier can open the parcel box by simply pushing the button. As soon as he closes it again, the parcel box cannot be opened again. You can open the parcel box yourself with the supplied key.

The big advantage of this parcel box is that it does not have to comply with postal regulations that decide where and how high it must be hung. So it can be attached anywhere, from gate to masonry, facade, etc. As long as the parcel box is visible, you are free to choose where to hang it.

Volume of packages = clothing, electronics, shoes, boots, food, ...

Does not have to comply with postal legislation
Made of steel
High-quality, rust-free textured coating


  • Width
    510 mm
  • Depth
    300 mm
  • Height
    500 mm
  • Max package size
    450x230x430 mm

Technical info